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Digitial Surgeons & Edible Arrangements use Wildfire to grow 100K+ Fans in 4 days!

We are always excited to share specific case studies with you, where we can display the great campaigns that our platform has powered over time. Today’s example was the product of the creative approach of a digital media agency to a goal set by their client, Edible Arrangements.

Edible Arrangements’ goal was to drive awareness around their chocolate dipped fruit offerings. To accomplish this goal, the approach was twofold. Edible Arrangements aimed to expand the social footprint around it’s brand by building the Facebook Fan base and consumer engagement as well as driving interest and sales for the holiday season. The end result of the 30-day campaign was impressive – 170,000 news fans for Edible Arrangements and a double-digit increase in sales relative to the same period last year!

To create a vision for the ultimate promotion which would run on Facebook, Edible Arrangements hired Digital Surgeons, a  digital media marketing agency. Digital Surgeons having had success with previous promotions they ran for clients using the Wildfire Promotion Builder platform, had their creative strategy department develop a really fun, compelling giveaway. They set up a campaign where Facebook users who signed up to become fans of Edible Arrangements received a voucher for 6 chocolate covered strawberries, free.

This approach, of giving away a highly valued product for free, proved to be extremely successful! Edible Arrangements saw their fan page grow from 5,000 fans to over 100,000 fans (which was their goal) in just 4 days! By the end of the 30 day campaign, the fan page had gathered 170,000 fans. And it doesn’t stop there– according to Steve Thomas, the VP of Marketing for Edible Arrangements, they saw a double digit percentage increase in sales from the year prior and the promotion exposed the brand to loads of new customers.

Digital Surgeons promoted the campaign heavily during it’s run on Facebook, reaching out with Direct Word of Mouth to bloggers, Twitter, Facebook messaging and wall feeds, and emailing the existing customer base that had previously opted in for special offers and news from the brand. Edible Arrangements and Digital Surgeons were both excited over the attention their campaign garnered on Facebook. This mix of ingredients– the high value giveaway, the great visual design, the interaction with fans, and the great marketing outreach–are all elements of a promising campaign. And we most certainly love being the platform that powers these campaigns, so keep ’em coming!



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