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HOT TIP: How to build an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

img-facebookfansIn one of our last posts we gave you tips on how to create engaging, viral campaigns. But creating an engaging campaign is just one piece of the puzzle; equally important is coming up with campaigns that meet your business goals. There are many easy ways you can do this – if your goal is to drive sales, consider combining a coupon with your campaign (e.g. after entrants have entered your sweepstakes, quiz or contest use our coupon solution to provide them with a discount voucher). If your goal is to educate consumers about your products, weave this into your sweepstakes entry process (e.g. Zappos ran a shopping spree sweepstakes with us which required entrants to choose the clothing items they’d want to win from and then input the clothing SKU numbers into the sweepstakes entry form). User generated contests are also powerful ways to educate consumers about your brand (e.g. Facebook ran a contest with us that required entrants to submit stories about how Facebook is doing good in their community) and so too are quizzes (e.g. check out the quiz currently being run by Snapple that helps entrants decide which of the Snapple flavors would be best for them). If your goal is to build your newsletter mailing list, Facebook fans or Twitter followers, sweepstakes and contests provide a powerful way to do this, but make sure that your promotion is tailored to attract those consumers who are most likely to consume your company’s products. For example, if you’re running a sweepstakes be sure to choose a prize that you think is especially appealing to your specific target demographic (i.e. don’t offer the chance to win a Mac Book Pro if you’re trying to promote luxury travel to an audience of retirees!)

The Selena Gomez campaign currently running via our platform is a great example of how to tie in the power of social media with specific business goals. Selena Gomez, a star on the Disney channel, is in the process of launching her music career. She decided to run a user-generated contest via Wildfire that asks entrants to submit a photo demonstrating what they are doing to promote Selena’s new album. Many thousands of entries have been submitted and these include user-generated videos, posters, side-walk chalkings, billboards, tshirts, events, websites and more promoting Selena’s album. What’s great about this contest is that it not only has powerful reach within the social networks (thanks to the newsfeeds and friend invites sent by entrants and voters, hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to the contest) but also in the ‘real’ world (Selena’s album is being promoted via posters, events, chalkings and more).


Social Marketing is no longer a ‘Nice to Have’, it’s a Critical Part of Marketing

Muhammad Saleem wrote a great post on GigaOM this week about the business implications of social media (see this Link). He asserts that social media is not the passing fad that many businesses once felt it was and that, on the contrary, it is the future of marketing. Yet, few businesses are managing to take advantage of social media.

This is certainly our experience in the social networking space. While many businesses have created pages on MySpace and Facebook, it’s still a tiny fraction of total online businesses (there are supposedly around 300,000+ business pages on Facebook). As we reach out to businesses to encourage them to engage with social networks, we are encountering a wealth of misconceptions. Foremost among these is the belief that social networks are for college kids only. The reality, in fact, is that over 50% of MySpace users are over 35 and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is those 25 years and older.

Even those companies who are engaged with social networks don’t seem to be fully aware of their marketing power. We’ve noticed a host of big brand names using social ads to promote sweepstakes and contests on Facebook yet when a user clicks on the ad they are taken outside of Facebook to enter the promotion. By taking users outside of Facebook, these companies lose the opportunity to promote their sweepstakes via such viral features as friend invites and newsfeeds (if only they’d decided to use our app 😉 )

Check out the post by Saleem on GigaOM for some interesting social media usage stats (especially use of blogs) and for some examples of companies who are successfully engaging their customers via social marketing. Saleem also refers to a great Business Week article that lays the case (in a very simple and engaging way) for why businesses should care about social media.


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