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TIPS & TRICKS: Keep your Fans and Users Coming Back for More

Image of Lightbulb If  you’ve ever tried reaching out to your fan base or users on the web through any social media channel, you know how hard it can be to get their attention. It’s even harder holding on to that attention once you’ve gotten it. One strategy that has proven itself to be highly effective within the social web is developing a routine. A routine is anything that can be established according to a schedule, and just like we all have our individual (and sometimes completely wacky) morning routines that we feel lost without, establishing some scheduled marketing elements can not only help to ensure that you keep on top of your social marketing activities but it can also help to increase your audience’s trust and engagement because they become used to the routine and expect that on certain days, they will be interacting with your brand, like on “Fashion Fridays” or Monday giveaways.

Screenshot of Win it Wednesday Promotion

A great example of this type of routine promotional effort can be found on the Facebook Fan page of Swell is an online-only retailer of clothing, gear, and other products for the surf industry. Every Wednesday, they use Wildfire’s Social Media Marketing Platform to put out a sweepstakes called “Win it Wednesday!” where they give away cool but relatively inexpensive prizes such as a cute dress by Billabong or a trendy pair of board shorts. Swell’s Facebook fan base, which is at over 4,500 people as of this blog post, has become used to this weekly routine, which Swell has been running for several months. Based on the steady fan growth that Swell has experienced as well as the comments that fans are posting on Swell’s wall, “Win it Wednesdays” is proving to be a hit with fans and a highly effective strategy for Swell.

Your creativity is the limit on the type of outreach you could consider to run on a scheduled basis. It could be that the first of every month you giveaway a gift card, or every Friday you put up a new coupon to your store. You could be like Swell and set up your own Wednesday win-it, based on the product or service you are marketing.

Social media marketing outreach done around a routine doesn’t need to be a big, complicated affair. We can see from the successful example at Swell, if you can promise your users that once a week, if they come back to your page and check in, there might be something awesome waiting for them (like those really cute sunglasses) you might be surprised with just how many of your fans begin to make their own routines of visiting and interacting with your Fan Page around the promotions you’ve created for them.


NEW: Multiple ‘Become a Fan’ Feature

We have added a great new feature to the Wildfire Social Media Marketing platform that we wanted to share with you:

Feature Overview

With our White Label solution, promotions that are created can now require that a user become a fan of multiple Facebook fan pages before being able to enter in a promotion!  Our application is the only brand marketing application on Facebook that provides the ability to mandate that users become a fan of multiple Facebook Fan Pages within one promotion. This feature is ideal for any campaigns that have co-branding between different promotion administrators or those involving a company brand as endorsed by a  celebrity, athlete, or another brand.  For example, the Phoenix Suns and Right Guard are using this feature with their current quiz and sweepstakes promotion. See it here through March 15!

The Right Guard and Phoenix Suns co-branded campaign is a sweepstakes to win a trip to see the basketball team play.

Screenshot of Phoenix Suns RIght Guard Sweepstakes

When a user is attempting to enter the sweepstakes, the entry form page clearly stipulates that users must become fans of both Right Guard and The Phoenix Suns in order to be eligible to enter.

As a user clicks to enter the Sweepstakes, he is shown the two Fan page buttons, and told he has to be a fan of each page in order to be eligible.

Screenshot of Fan mandate

Additionally, when white label promotions are configured to mandate Fan Page sign-up, the feature works like a gatekeeper, locking the user out of official entry to the promotion unless they are confirmed by the tool to be a fan of the Facebook page in question. Below, we can see the reminder screen barring the user from entering the Phoenix Suns Right Guard Sweepstakes, telling the user that he “need[s] to be a fan” to be eligible to win.”

Even if the user attempts to enter the sweepstakes without first being a fan of each page, his entry form is not processed and he is displayed a screen which reminds him that he must first be a fan of each Facebook fan page to enter.

Our application provides a more seamless user experience when it comes to acquiring Facebook fans. We display the ‘Become a Fan’ feature naturally into the user flow whereas most other apps force consumers to become a fan of their page before the user can even access the application to see what becoming a fan would offer them. In this way, the barrier to access and engage with our campaigns is much lower than with other apps that force users to become fans upfront.

There is no limit on the amount of Fan Pages that can now be added at one time, so co-branding and reaping all the fan base benefits has never been easier!

Hot Tip: How to Run an Engaging User-Generated Contest

img-ideaYou don’t need to be a big brand with a huge marketing budget to run a user-generated contest that spreads like wildfire. Non-profits and small businesses are currently running contests with us that are generating thousands of submissions and are reaching tens and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of consumers via newsfeeds, friend invites and sharing. Why are these contests doing so well? We’ve noticed a couple of important success factors:

1) Contests that focus on topics that people feel passionate about tend to generate the greatest interest. We’ve seen highly successful photo and written contests that focus on pets, children, sports (e.g. surfing, skiing, mountain biking), hobbies (e.g. cooking, travel), and affinity groups.

2) Contests that make it easy for entrants to submit their content tend to generate more submissions. Asking entrants to submit photos that they likely already have in their Facebook photo album (e.g. photos of travel, kids, pets, hobbies) or that they can easily snap using their mobile phone will tend to result in more entries. Likewise, if asking for written content its best to keep word limits reasonably low. Video contests require quite a lot of effort on the part of entrants so generally result in a much lower number of entries – but if the content is good, these can be very viral.

Social Marketing is no longer a ‘Nice to Have’, it’s a Critical Part of Marketing

Muhammad Saleem wrote a great post on GigaOM this week about the business implications of social media (see this Link). He asserts that social media is not the passing fad that many businesses once felt it was and that, on the contrary, it is the future of marketing. Yet, few businesses are managing to take advantage of social media.

This is certainly our experience in the social networking space. While many businesses have created pages on MySpace and Facebook, it’s still a tiny fraction of total online businesses (there are supposedly around 300,000+ business pages on Facebook). As we reach out to businesses to encourage them to engage with social networks, we are encountering a wealth of misconceptions. Foremost among these is the belief that social networks are for college kids only. The reality, in fact, is that over 50% of MySpace users are over 35 and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is those 25 years and older.

Even those companies who are engaged with social networks don’t seem to be fully aware of their marketing power. We’ve noticed a host of big brand names using social ads to promote sweepstakes and contests on Facebook yet when a user clicks on the ad they are taken outside of Facebook to enter the promotion. By taking users outside of Facebook, these companies lose the opportunity to promote their sweepstakes via such viral features as friend invites and newsfeeds (if only they’d decided to use our app 😉 )

Check out the post by Saleem on GigaOM for some interesting social media usage stats (especially use of blogs) and for some examples of companies who are successfully engaging their customers via social marketing. Saleem also refers to a great Business Week article that lays the case (in a very simple and engaging way) for why businesses should care about social media.


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