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Wildfire Case Study Library is Live!

Here at Wildfire, we love to share with you our tips for running successful promotions and recommend best practices that we have found that worked well for some of our clients in the past. In line with this effort to communicate some great ways to consider adding social media marketing promotions into your marketing strategies, we have created a new case study library on our website!

In the library, you can find a collection of case studies separated by industry vertical. The cases we chose for this initial batch are a mix of varied pricing plans, industries, promotion types, and calls to action. They have one thing in common, however– they all succeeded in achieving the varied internal goals that were set, by running promotions that were intriguing to their users. For example, in the library under the Retail vertical, you will find the story of what online clothing retailer HauteLook did with a Wildfire coupon promotion that yielded a 250% ROI on the cost of the campaign. Also, under Food and Beverage, you can read about the Edible Arrangements giveaway promotion that resulted in a double digit percentage increase in sales from the year prior.

We will be growing and adding to the library constantly, so check back from time to time. We also welcome case study suggestions– did you have a great experience running a promotion with Wildfire?  Send us an email with some details about your success story and we might make it a case study of its own, displayed on our website and featured to our audience of 50,000+ newsletter subscribers! We look forward to reading your submissions.


Wildfire receives $4.04M in Series A funding!!!

Hey everyone! We’re very excited to announce that we’ve received $4.04M in Series A funding from Summit Partners and a group of angel investors including Jeff Clavier, Aydin Senkut and Gary Vaynerchuk. For more information about the deal please read the press release below:

Wildfire Interactive Receives Growth Equity Investment from Summit Partners
Minority investment in industry-leading social media marketing company to fund continued growth
April 26, 2010
PALO ALTO, CA—Wildfire Interactive, Inc. (, a leading provider of social media marketing software, announced today that it has received a minority investment led by growth equity investor Summit Partners and joined by a group of angel investors including Jeff Clavier, Aydin Senkut and Gary Vaynerchuk.The investment will be used to fund Wildfire’s organic growth initiatives and continued development of the company’s social media marketing platform.
Founded in 2008, Wildfire offers a dynamic, self-service marketing platform that enables organizations to engage users and build followings on social networks and company websites. The software allows corporations, small businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers and non-profits to create their own branded social media marketing campaigns—such as sweepstakes, user-generated contests, quizzes, coupons and incentive-based surveys—and publish them simultaneously on their website and various social networks. The company currently serves thousands of customers, including Pepsi, Facebook, Sony, AT&T, Unilever, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, LiveNation, Edelman Digital, Victoria Secret and Subway, and has powered tens of thousands of social media marketing campaigns. Wildfire is growing rapidly, and after a small investment by the fbFund in 2009, achieved profitability early on in its life.
Victoria Ransom, Cofounder and CEO of Wildfire, said, “Wildfire is a privately financed company that reached profitability just a few months after inception, so the decision to raise outside capital was an important strategic move for us. Teaming up with Summit Partners will provide our company with additional support as we rapidly expand our product offering and enhance our already valuable service to customers.” Alain Chuard, Cofounder and Head of Product Management, added, “We’re very excited to add Summit Partners to our roster of world-class investors, which also includes the fbFund. Without Facebook, we would not be where we are today. With access to Summit’s strategic guidance, global network of contacts and long history of partnering with growing software companies, we look forward to taking our company to the next level.”
“At Summit Partners, we’ve been making growth equity investments in software companies for more than 25 years. We are seeing large-scale, increasing demand for social media marketing solutions, and Wildfire is ideally positioned to become a market leader,” said Harrison Miller, a Managing Director with Summit Partners who will join the Wildfire Board of Directors. “We have been extremely impressed by Wildfire’s track record, exceptional management team and list of marquee customers. We look forward to working with this terrific organization to achieve even greater success.”
About Wildfire Interactive, Inc.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Wildfire Interactive, Inc. ( is a technology company that’s dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes leverage the marketing power of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Wildfire’s patent-pending technology platform allows corporations, small businesses, agencies, bloggers and non-profits to easily create their own attractive, branded social media marketing campaigns—for example, sweepstakes, contests, coupons, giveaways, quizzes, and virtual gift campaigns—and publish them simultaneously on Facebook fan pages, on company websites (integrated with Facebook Connect) and on Twitter. Intuitive, streamlined and affordable, Wildfire’s platform is simple enough for even the least tech-savvy business manager to use, and flexible enough to suit the needs of the most creative marketer or advertising agency. Wildfire is a two-time winner of the Facebook Fund and was runner-up in the TechCrunch Crunchies Awards in 2010.
About Summit Partners
Summit Partners ( is a growth equity investor that provides private equity and venture capital to rapidly growing companies. Founded in 1984, Summit has raised more than $11 billion in capital and has provided growth equity, recapitalization and management buyout financing to more than 300 growing companies across a range of industries and geographies. Summit Partners seeks outstanding management teams that have built their companies to market leadership. Summit’s notable software and Internet investments include AvePoint, Hyperion Software, Jamba!, McAfee, Postini, RightNow Technologies, NetWitness, SafeBoot, Tiny Prints, and
In the United States of America, Summit Partners operates as an SEC-registered investment advisor. In the United Kingdom, this document is issued by Summit Partners Limited, a firm authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Summit Partners Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 4141197, and its registered office is at 20–22 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4JS, UK. This document is intended solely to provide information regarding Summit Partners’ potential financing capabilities for prospective portfolio companies.

What is the Value of a Facebook Fan?

Have you ever wondered what the value of a Facebook Fan is? You’re not alone.  An article which appeared on AdWeek last week has provided a calculation of its own.

The featured study showed that, on average, a fan base of 1 million translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year. By this calculation then, each fan is worth approximately $3.60 of equivalent media, or what you would be spending on traditional advertising to expect to generate the same marketing outcome. At Wildfire we’ve seen many customers use our campaigns to build their fan bases for under $1 per fan and in some cases for just a few cents per fan. So for these clients the return on investment can be huge!

To obtain these numbers, Facebook data from a collection of large and small brand Fan Pages was analyzed, with a combined 41 million fans, and showed that on average marketers who post twice a day are able to achieve monthly impressions of around 1.5 times their number of fans (i.e. 60 million monthly impressions yielded from a fan base of 41 million fans). An “impression” is the equivalent of one ad view and accordingly to the study an impression using paid advertising generally costs around $5 per 1000 impressions. So according to the calculations in the study, a fan page owner that has 10,000 fans and posts content to their page twice a day can expect that they’ll receive around $36,000 in ‘advertising’ value from these fans. In other words, if this fan page owner were to try to achieve the same level of exposure for her brand during the year, she’d have to spend around $36,000. Of course, not all fan pages are made equal – some achieve much higher engagement levels than others (the study found that some fan pages achieved 3.6 impressions per fan per month and others just 0.44 impressions per fan) but nevertheless the potential exists for fan bases to be highly valuable.

Of course, this study only measures impressions. Wildfire clients achieve far more than just impressions from the campaigns they run with us – they grow their fan bases, newsletter lists, Twitter followers, website impressions and even drive store visits and sales via coupons and giveaways. So for our customers, the value they get from a Wildfire campaign could well exceed the potential $3.60 value of a fan cited in the the AdWeek article.

So what does this mean for you? Well, for starters it means that all the time and effort you’re putting into building your fan base can have a quantifiable return (and a pretty significant one to boot!). It also means that the more regularly you update your fans, the more impressions you’ll likely be achieving and thus the greater the value of your fans. Of course, this can be a double-edged sword because if you ‘spam’ your fans with content that is not relevant or compelling they’ll likely opt-out of your activity streams, thus reducing your overall impressions over time. Finally, it means that the more you can do to engage your fans beyond just impressions – for example, have them sign up for your mailing list, refer your brand to friends, claim coupons etc, the greater their value will grow. Fortunately, Wildfire’s campaigns are designed to help you achieve all these goals – sweepstakes, contests, giveaways and coupons have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to not only grow a fan base but to keep them engaged and to keep them ‘looking out’ for your brands content.

Upcoming Facebook Fan Page Tab Design Changes

We wanted to inform you about some upcoming changes to the way campaigns are rendered on Facebook Fan pages. Facebook has announced several changes to the look and function of Fan pages, one of which can affect the way campaigns are displayed within your fan page. Fan Page tabs will shrink from 760 pixels wide (current) to 520 pixels wide to accommodate a slightly revised design. This change has been scheduled for Early 2010, but more specific timing details have not yet been announced. We will certainly post an update once the official dates have been released.

What follows is a pictorial explanation of the expected changes.

What it currently looks like to run a promotion on a Facebook Fan page from Tab View.

Pictured below is the same promotion running in the new Fan page Tab View format, at 520 pixels wide. The header  banner has been adjusted to fit the width of this display, and it can  be seen that some of the details and pictures within the banner are no longer visible past this point. To make sure users see everything you want to show them, we suggest that in the creation of your custom 760 pixel header banners, to leave the banner past the 520 pixel mark without any messages or pictures.

This change only affects the Tab view. When the user enters deeper into the page, like to view the rules, or to submit their entry, they are directed into canvas view, which has not changed in appearance, and remains at the full 760 pixels wide. For this reason, we are not changing the upload specifications of the Header Banner in the Wildfire Promotion Builder tool, and keeping the upload width specification at 760 pixels.

Screenshot of canvas view

What this means for your campaign:

Because the width of the tab display is decreased to 520 pixels, the display of the header banner will be affected. Uploaded header banners which are 760 x 100 pixels will be cut off by the display at the 520 pixel mark. This is a design change that our developers are working on adapting the Wildfire tool to. However, in order to adapt to these display differences rapidly, we recommend that any custom header banners uploaded to the Wildfire Promotion Builder tool be adaptable to both sizes. In other words, you should still upload a 760 x 100 pixel header banner image, but design your image so that if 240 pixels are not displayable off the right side, none of the message is lost.

Our developers have already adjusted the Promotion Builder tool so that the rest of the characteristics of your promotion will not be affected by the Facebook display changes.

As always, we value your feedback and welcome your comments. Feel free to email us at any time if you encounter questions while setting up your promotion.

PRODUCT NEWS: New Turnkey Sweepstakes Prize and Rules Solution

We are really excited to announce some great news! Wildfire is joining forces with Publishers Clearing House (PCH) in a new and exclusive partnership that will greatly enhance sweepstakes promotions. By combining the power of Wildfire’s Promotion Builder with PCH’s newly released API, PCH Boost, Wildfire users can create online sweepstakes promotions within minutes and without the need to draft rules or fulfill prizes. Choosing to use the new PCH Boost option when building out your sweepstakes means you can easily offer your fans and users winnings of up to $100,000 without having to deal with the administration, high costs, legal issues and logistics associated with managing sweepstakes and awarding prize money.

What’s even better, the PCH Boost sweepstakes option will be available for no added cost to a regular Wildfire sweepstakes promotion through June 15, 2010! This means that for the next three months, you can provide your user base the ability to enter to win their dream house, or car, or something equally awesome, at no cost over a regular sweepstakes where otherwise you would need to provide a prize and create the legal documentation on your own.

Wildfire Promotion Builder has already helped thousands of companies to run sweepstakes on Facebook, Microsites, and company websites, but while our technology provided a solution for building and launching sweepstakes, our users still had to take care of their own rules drafting and prize fulfillment. By choosing to use the new PCH Boost option, campaign administrators can make the entire process of managing a sweepstakes campaign much easier, enabling a quicker and more streamlined way for our users to build their Facebook fans, newsletter subscribers and an active customer database.

The option to use PCH Boost is now available right in the Wildfire Campaign Builder Wizard. By selecting this option, you can choose from a range of prizes to offer your user base, and rules will automatically be supplied to suit this prize. The drawing of winners and mailing out of prizes will also be taken care of for you, so all you need to do is promote the sweepstakes and collect your entries!

Screenshot of PCH Boost option on Wizard

The PCH Boost option allows your sweepstakes to be integrated into already existing Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, which allows you to generate buzz among your fans and users with the potential for a huge winning prize like $100,000 towards a dream car, but without you having to provide the huge prize or work out the often complicated legal terms and conditions. Once you choose to participate in the PCH option right from within the Wildfire Sweepstakes Builder Wizard you can use the drop down menus to choose from available options for prize winnings and display themes. When users enter these sweepstakes from your Facebook Fan Page or Microsite, they are entered into existing PCH Sweepstakes for those prizes while you get the benefit of building up your fan base and increasing engagement with your brand!

For a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the new sweepstakes turnkey rules and prize fulfillment with PCH Boost, check out the guide here.

The PCH Boost enabled sweepstakes includes choices of PCH supplied headers and banners that compliment the sweepstakes prize you chose for your campaign. The sweepstakes runs right inside of your Facebook Fan Page or Microsite just like all sweepstakes created with the Wildfire tool.

Screenshot of Fbook Boost page

Wildfire to Rock Out at SXSW this Week

Image SXSW logoWildfire is going to the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Media Conference and Festival! And we won’t just be eating famous Austin barbecue and meeting new folks from all over the country (although we do hope there will be a lot of that). We’re going to be competing for the ultimate honor of winning the Micosoft Bizspark Accelerator competition to take home the prize of the 2010 Most Innovative Web Technology! Victoria, Alain, and Curtis will be at the conference, so if you want to meet them there to finally see their pretty mugs in person, send over an email to any one of them at [their firstname][at]wildfireapp[dot]com.

Wildfire was chosen as one of the 32 finalists to battle it out on stage during the 2 day Bizspark Accelerator contest. We will be demonstrating our product among a group of some of the most innovative minds and teams in technology today. Needless to say, we are so excited. On Day 2, the judges will have narrowed the selections down to the top 12 companies, and at the end of another day of pitching and demos, the winner will be announced. (Cross your fingers for us!) If you want to tune in on the action, the entire competition will be streamed live through the Accelerator site at, here! The rest of the team will certainly be keeping up with us from the office.

Our CEO Victoria will also be sitting on a panel, talking about Experimental Design and User Interfaces, so if you are at the conference, stop by there and say hey afterwards!

NEW: Multiple ‘Become a Fan’ Feature

We have added a great new feature to the Wildfire Social Media Marketing platform that we wanted to share with you:

Feature Overview

With our White Label solution, promotions that are created can now require that a user become a fan of multiple Facebook fan pages before being able to enter in a promotion!  Our application is the only brand marketing application on Facebook that provides the ability to mandate that users become a fan of multiple Facebook Fan Pages within one promotion. This feature is ideal for any campaigns that have co-branding between different promotion administrators or those involving a company brand as endorsed by a  celebrity, athlete, or another brand.  For example, the Phoenix Suns and Right Guard are using this feature with their current quiz and sweepstakes promotion. See it here through March 15!

The Right Guard and Phoenix Suns co-branded campaign is a sweepstakes to win a trip to see the basketball team play.

Screenshot of Phoenix Suns RIght Guard Sweepstakes

When a user is attempting to enter the sweepstakes, the entry form page clearly stipulates that users must become fans of both Right Guard and The Phoenix Suns in order to be eligible to enter.

As a user clicks to enter the Sweepstakes, he is shown the two Fan page buttons, and told he has to be a fan of each page in order to be eligible.

Screenshot of Fan mandate

Additionally, when white label promotions are configured to mandate Fan Page sign-up, the feature works like a gatekeeper, locking the user out of official entry to the promotion unless they are confirmed by the tool to be a fan of the Facebook page in question. Below, we can see the reminder screen barring the user from entering the Phoenix Suns Right Guard Sweepstakes, telling the user that he “need[s] to be a fan” to be eligible to win.”

Even if the user attempts to enter the sweepstakes without first being a fan of each page, his entry form is not processed and he is displayed a screen which reminds him that he must first be a fan of each Facebook fan page to enter.

Our application provides a more seamless user experience when it comes to acquiring Facebook fans. We display the ‘Become a Fan’ feature naturally into the user flow whereas most other apps force consumers to become a fan of their page before the user can even access the application to see what becoming a fan would offer them. In this way, the barrier to access and engage with our campaigns is much lower than with other apps that force users to become fans upfront.

There is no limit on the amount of Fan Pages that can now be added at one time, so co-branding and reaping all the fan base benefits has never been easier!


We are a group of innovative developers, designers and marketers with a passion for creating a social media marketing platform that helps companies & agencies to engage the millions of social network users. Our platform allows you to easily grow and cultivate your fans & followers.

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