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Everything you need to know to make the most of the new Facebook “Like” Button

You may have noticed a new Facebook ‘Like’ button popping up on many sites (e.g. CNN, ABC, Fandango, etc.) across the web, but what does this actually mean for your business? We’ve broken this new feature (the so-called Facebook “Open Graph”) down to it’s essentials so you can understand exactly what it means for your company and how to make the most of it in your marketing strategy.

In case you haven’t come across the new Facebook ‘Like’ buttons, see the example below. Any company can now display these Facebook ‘Like’ buttons on their website; read on to find out what they mean for you and how you can implement them.

Fact # 1: The ‘Like’ button enables you to build your Facebook fans

When someone clicks the ‘Like’ button on a website they essentially become a ‘Fan’ of that website. What this means is that the owner of this website can publish Facebook status updates to these consumers just as they currently do to fans of their Facebook Fan Page. So adding the ‘Like’ button to your website is a great way to convert your existing users into ‘Fans’ and to build an audience that you can regularly communicate with via Facebook status updates.

Fact # 2: The ‘Like’ button spreads the word about your website to friends of your website visitors

When someone clicks the ‘Like’ button a newfeed story is generated on Facebook. So if a visitor to your website clicks the ‘Like’ button and they have 250 Facebook friends, up to 250 people might be exposed to a message about this website visitor liking your company website. This is a very powerful way for you to utilize your website visitors to spread the word about your business to their friends.

Fact # 3: Clicking the ‘Like’ button adds your site to Facebook user profiles

When someone clicks the ‘Like’ button on your website, not only does a newsfeed get generated but a link also gets added to the ‘interests’ section of the person’s Facebook profile. So, for example, if I visit and click the ‘Like’ button on the Godfather movie page, the Godfather movie will automatically be listed among my favorite movies on Facebook. The interest topics on Facebook include: Interests, Music, Movies, Television, but even if your website doesn’t fit neatly into these categories it’ll still be listed under other ‘Likes’ and interests. This means that anyone visting the profile of a person who ‘liked’ your website can discover your business and click directly through to your website. This is an entirely new way for your business to get discovered.

Fact # 4: Users can ‘Like’ sub-topics on your website
You don’t just have to put one generic ‘Like’ button on your website; instead you can create ‘Like’ buttons for different sections or topics on your website. For example, if you own a travel website you could put a ‘Like’ button on your homepage for people to become ‘Fans’ of your website but you could also put a ‘Like’ button on each of the pages for your specific tours so people could ‘Like’ your Mexican Surfing Tour or your France Biking Tour. This enables you to have several very specific groups of fans that you can push highly targeted status updates to, such as all people who are fans of your surf tours or all people who are fans of your biking tours.

Fact # 5: In addition to the ‘Like’ button you can add a ‘Like’ activity widget

In addition to the ‘Like’ button Facebook makes it easy for you to add a like ‘box’ to your website which displays a live stream of all people who have ‘Liked’ or shared (“recommended”) on your website. For websites that get a lot of engagement, this is a great way to provide a ‘window’ into the activities of your various users. If you’re a smaller website with limited traffic keep in mind that the content in the ‘Like’ box is not likely to change very regularly so it may get a little ‘stale’.

Fact # 6: It’s easy to install the ‘Like’ button & other Facebook widgets on your site
Adding the ‘like’ button and other Facebook widgets is easy – it’s simply a matter of pasting a line of code onto your website. If you’re not able to do this yourself, your webmaster will be able to do it in a matter of minutes. Here’s instructions for how to do this:

Fact # 7: You still need to encourage people to ‘Like’ your brand
While the Facebook ‘Like’ button provides a great opportunity for you to get the word out about your business and to grow your ‘fan’ base it’s important to remember that unless you have a website with massive traffic and a super popular brand it won’t be enough for you to simply put a ‘Like’ button on your site. This will certainly help and is something that you should take the time to do, but you’ll still need to be proactive in encouraging people to ‘Like’ your brand. This, of course, is where Wildfire specializes – running contests, giveaways, and other Wildfire campaigns are some of the most powerful ways to grow your audience of ‘Fans/Likers’ and our platform makes it dead easy to run a promotion both on your Facebook Fan Page and on your website simultaneously.

Wildfire Case Study Library is Live!

Here at Wildfire, we love to share with you our tips for running successful promotions and recommend best practices that we have found that worked well for some of our clients in the past. In line with this effort to communicate some great ways to consider adding social media marketing promotions into your marketing strategies, we have created a new case study library on our website!

In the library, you can find a collection of case studies separated by industry vertical. The cases we chose for this initial batch are a mix of varied pricing plans, industries, promotion types, and calls to action. They have one thing in common, however– they all succeeded in achieving the varied internal goals that were set, by running promotions that were intriguing to their users. For example, in the library under the Retail vertical, you will find the story of what online clothing retailer HauteLook did with a Wildfire coupon promotion that yielded a 250% ROI on the cost of the campaign. Also, under Food and Beverage, you can read about the Edible Arrangements giveaway promotion that resulted in a double digit percentage increase in sales from the year prior.

We will be growing and adding to the library constantly, so check back from time to time. We also welcome case study suggestions– did you have a great experience running a promotion with Wildfire?  Send us an email with some details about your success story and we might make it a case study of its own, displayed on our website and featured to our audience of 50,000+ newsletter subscribers! We look forward to reading your submissions.

Digitial Surgeons & Edible Arrangements use Wildfire to grow 100K+ Fans in 4 days!

We are always excited to share specific case studies with you, where we can display the great campaigns that our platform has powered over time. Today’s example was the product of the creative approach of a digital media agency to a goal set by their client, Edible Arrangements.

Edible Arrangements’ goal was to drive awareness around their chocolate dipped fruit offerings. To accomplish this goal, the approach was twofold. Edible Arrangements aimed to expand the social footprint around it’s brand by building the Facebook Fan base and consumer engagement as well as driving interest and sales for the holiday season. The end result of the 30-day campaign was impressive – 170,000 news fans for Edible Arrangements and a double-digit increase in sales relative to the same period last year!

To create a vision for the ultimate promotion which would run on Facebook, Edible Arrangements hired Digital Surgeons, a  digital media marketing agency. Digital Surgeons having had success with previous promotions they ran for clients using the Wildfire Promotion Builder platform, had their creative strategy department develop a really fun, compelling giveaway. They set up a campaign where Facebook users who signed up to become fans of Edible Arrangements received a voucher for 6 chocolate covered strawberries, free.

This approach, of giving away a highly valued product for free, proved to be extremely successful! Edible Arrangements saw their fan page grow from 5,000 fans to over 100,000 fans (which was their goal) in just 4 days! By the end of the 30 day campaign, the fan page had gathered 170,000 fans. And it doesn’t stop there– according to Steve Thomas, the VP of Marketing for Edible Arrangements, they saw a double digit percentage increase in sales from the year prior and the promotion exposed the brand to loads of new customers.

Digital Surgeons promoted the campaign heavily during it’s run on Facebook, reaching out with Direct Word of Mouth to bloggers, Twitter, Facebook messaging and wall feeds, and emailing the existing customer base that had previously opted in for special offers and news from the brand. Edible Arrangements and Digital Surgeons were both excited over the attention their campaign garnered on Facebook. This mix of ingredients– the high value giveaway, the great visual design, the interaction with fans, and the great marketing outreach–are all elements of a promising campaign. And we most certainly love being the platform that powers these campaigns, so keep ’em coming!


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