FEATURED CAMPAIGN: President Obama uses Wildfire, Promotes Foreign Relations!

Image of President Obama artistically rendered Here at Wildfire headquarters, we get to see a lot of campaigns that are pretty fun and compelling which we are excited to be a part of. This campaign falls into the fun and compelling category for sure, but it even goes a step further, by promoting foreign relations between the U.S. and Indonesia!

The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta is using Wildfire to run a promotion on their Facebook Fan Page to excite Indonesian fans about President Obama’s upcoming visit to the country. Users can pick their favorite cultural foods and clothing items to suggest the President sample and wear while he is visiting and then enter a sweepstakes to win tickets to attend one of the events. The campaign, pictured below, is in Indonesian, but all the cool pictures of traditional Indonesian food and colorful batik (the Indonesian word for the famous traditional fabric of their culture) makes us wish we were visiting Indonesia so that we could sample all of those goodies too!

Screenshot of front page of US Embassy at Jakarta Facebook Promotion

Now we’re even more optimistic: if Wildfire can be used to promote foreign relations, what can’t it be used for? The campaign was even featured on the Facebook Platform newsfeed! (We think it’s really because everyone is super curious about what a Durian fruit smells like.


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