What Time is it? Engaging with your User Base on a Timeline

Keeping users engaged on a rolling basis with timely material, however simple or just plain fun the timely acknowledgement is, is a way to keep their eyes on your brand’s radar. Providing outreach on a timeline, such as a holiday themed contest, or a rolling weekly “Fab Friday” vote for best dressed actor, is also a way to integrate an element of almost-real-time connectivity to your conversations with your fans.
For example, TV shows which reveal relative dates when the actors were taping (such as reality series’), whether they lag behind real life for 2 months or 2 days, nevertheless serve to connect us to the media in a way which we were not connected before. It literally exposes a dimension, time, to the viewer that allows him to incorporate the show into his realities, think about it in relation to the timeline of his life, and provides a sticky factor to his viewing that is different from the audaciousness of some hit game show or the latest love triangle (or quadrangle) on a daily soap opera. It’s a connector, when usually making a connection to your viewer is a tough science to understand.
Keeping in touch and in time with your fans, then, can be a similarly interactive experience. For example, on Valentine’s Day of this year, Facebook released a study on it’s daily blog that Facebook researchers had composed which analyzed how relationship status impacted user happiness. Read it here, it’s pretty interesting! While the results weren’t altogether unexpected (people in relationships seemed happier, at least insofar as they used more instances of “happy” words in their status updates) the resulting feedback has been generally positive, and plentiful. That particular blog post received 70 comments from Facebook users who read the blog directly at the site, and 124 “likes.” When the story was printed up on Mashable, the headline was retweeted over 1,000 times as of this blogpost, and shared through Facebook connect 700 times.
Think about the many ways at your disposal to run different sorts of promotional campaigns that are time relevant– a vote on who the top Olympians at Vancouver are? The upcoming arrival of Spring and the chance to win a “Spring Fling” package of goodies? Even Easter and the inevitable question of which holiday themed Peeps reign supreme?
You can direct all of these time-relevant promotions at your fan base with Wildfire– our quick and easy to manage promotion builder can be used to launch engaging promotional campaigns on Facebook or Twitter in all sorts of fun flavors, including sweepstakes, quizzes, contests, coupons and even virtual gifts!

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